Words from a Hidden World

Apologies for not posting myself for a couple of weeks, but I would like to introduce to you the writings of Naomi Whittingham whom has suffered herself with severe ME.
Naomi is a very talented writer and has the ability to explain from personal experience the devastation that severe ME can cause.
Much love,
Fiona. X

A Life Hidden

Untitled designWelcome to my blog.  The main purpose of this site is to bring together my existing work, but I also hope to add new writing from time to time.  I have never blogged before and am looking forward to the freedom of writing as I wish, with full editorial control.  (The downside is that any mistakes are on me!)

On the occasions when I wrote in the national media, I was able to reach an audience I could never hope to through a blog such as this.  At the same time I was very aware of having to fit my writing into a mould that had been created by other people.  One could push at the edges but never completely break that mould.  Factors such as editorial policy, legal constraints and word count all heavily influenced what could – and, perhaps more significantly, what…

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