‘Insight’ on chronic fatigue syndrome: Andrew’s experience

tired3via ‘Insight’ on chronic fatigue syndrome: Andrew’s experience

This is a blog worth reading!

Andrew has just been on an Australian talk show about CFS/ME.

Andrew kindly sent me the link to the programme which was ‘hard’ to watch. It was hard to see the reflection of my own illness in others.

I have only just finished watching it, and it’s late here in the UK and for once I’m actual lost for words.

One of the Drs who helped write Australia’s guidelines 15 years ago didn’t think they were worth changing atm despite the fact that someone mentioned that the US had withdrawn CBT and GET from their ‘action plan’.

I felt it was quite a tense show that was most likely edited heavily.

But a big shout out to Andrew who was brave enough to take part and help bring the conversation of ME/CFS into the 21st century and the year 2018!

Thank you Andrew! 💙

The link for the programme-


Much love,





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